April 14, 2020
Egg Hunt

We usually do our annual Easter egg hunt with neighbours, family and friends on Easter Monday in the woods.


This was clearly not happening, which was sad since I had already purchased much of the chocolate. The kids thought we should keep it but Amelia is on a low sugar diet and neither Matthew nor I have much self-control when it comes to chocolate so we ended up making 100 generously filled eggs and giving out 60 of them. Even though we didn't get to do the egg hunt together, it was kind of nice that we got to do it "together" with a few people anyway. 


Monday's forecast was rain, rain and more rain, with a potential "bomb cyclone" on the side. In ordinary times we probably would have moved it to Easter Sunday, or maybe even the Saturday before Easter (although that's definitely a last resort since we don't like anticipating seasons if we can help it). We considered moving it early but since we are all home anyway and there's no one else's schedule to consider we decided to do it today.


I took the kids for the traditional "hike", except that instead of the woods we navigated the urban jungle. It was the first time we've left our block since March 26(!) aside from when I went shopping March 30th. Michael obediently turned around when he got to the fire hydrant we've been using as the outer limits of where we are allowing kids to go and was quite confused when I told him he got to go further! I took them up to Lyon, to Glebe and then back down Percy to Clemow while Daddy hid the eggs. Elizabeth opted to talk to her friend instead but we're going to go for a run later just the two of us. I was pleased to discover that the streets were pretty quiet and we had no trouble at all with physical distancing this time.


When we got back the eggs were scattered all over the yard. It was not exactly the magical eggs in the woods, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances and the kids enjoyed themselves greatly. It seems silly, but our inability to do this particular tradition "properly" is probably the covid-19 related thing I'm most sad about so far.

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