April 16, 2020
Erika is 14

Erika is now fourteen and has the dubious honour of being the first family member to celebrate her birthday in lockdown. I doubt it will be the last.


Since a physical birthday party was not in the cards, the kids decided that we needed to pick a birthday supper to eat in her honour. They decided it had to feature bbq and pickles. I emailed Erika to ask her what cake we'd make.


Then Elizabeth and I dropped off a slice of cake, some flowers, a jar of pickles, a little miss birthday book and a bunch of birthday cards. Erika's real present was a donation towards a new phone because Erika has not been able to communicate as much with Elizabeth lately due to a bulging battery and Elizabeth asked very nicely if something could be done about this, but we had a lot of fun putting together the other stuff as well. Elizabeth was very excited to see her cousin in the flesh for the first time in a month, but less excited about not being allowed to go closer than 2m.

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