April 19, 2020
Lucy and Jack

Meet Lucianne (Lucy) and Jackson (Jack), the latest characters invented by my children. They live outside up a tree named Melody (which, incidentally starts with M and ends with E and this is not a coincidence). The tree opens onto a secret dimension if you know the right password. Or song? This was not information they wanted to share.


"In the game" the kids are playing, these extremely creepy kids don't smile and speak with what we think is an attempt at a British accent. Did I mention they are creepy? Lucy bosses Jack around constantly and gets Amelia (who is herself) to "translate". Their speech patterns are quite odd - it's not just the accent but also unusual vocabulary choices.


Brendan reckons Lucy and Jack are an attempt at recreating the atmosphere of some of our recent read alouds - Enid Blyton meets Lucy M Boston meets Arthur Ransome.


Lucy has red hair artistically arranged and sparkly nails. Jack has red and yellow hair and the translating Amelia has green bangs to show that "she's not from around here". They are very polite, and Lucy is constantly reminding Jack to show his manners in the most creepy way possible.


"We intend to stay for two weeks", said Lucy. "Would you be able to accommodate us?"


They clearly had a brilliant time so even though it got very tiresome very fast we let it go. Eventually they made it be known they would like to have a sleepover. Elizabeth offered to have Matthew stay in her room (she usually doesn't even let him set foot in her room so this is a Big Deal), but I told them that it would be mean to  leave out Amelia. So they decided to go camping in the "studio" instead, and I let them even though it's a school night.

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