April 24, 2020
Homeschool wk apr 20-24

I felt like this week went better, aside from zoom connections with other kids.


Matthew's classmates have mostly given up altogether (apparently many kids are sleeping in past 9am). I started contacting the few parents I know individually and setting up specific times for them to connect with Matthew so he did have some french speaking time outside the family. One day no one showed up for Elizabeth either so they decided to talk to each other! However, inside the family we managed to speak quite a bit more french this week. Aside from Prodigy, all of Matthew and Amelia's screen time was in french and I've decided that watching french cartoons can count as school. They are very fond of the téléquébec app as it has games and cartoons in french and Mommy almost never says no when they ask about it.


This week Michael's french playgroup has moved online and Mme Cherisée is doing the circle times we've been assigned to aimed at the 0-6 set. She's excellent and not only kept Michael and Amelia engaged with stories and songs but also incorporated some show and tell to get the kids talking. We also participated in the library's french circle time and it was well done. Michael was less interested in the whole thing as the story was too long for his liking. Also the teeth were deemed "too scary" (it was about an alligator).


We also did a lot of painting this week by popular demand.


Amelia looked for signs of spring outside and worked on the letter k. She enjoyed meeting with her class (only three other students - not sure if this is because they are splitting the class into groups or if the uptake is that terrible). She was engaged for approximately five minutes at a time, spending the rest of the call slithering off the couch into a puddle in the floor. They are doing "collections" of numbers, which she seems to find slightly confusing. We played a game where we show a number of items and then hide some and she has to figure out how many were hidden. She did NOT understand why she couldn't just cheat. "Mom! It's easier to tell if you look under your hand!" After a few times I think she's starting to get the point, but she thinks this is irritating. More popular was writing letters in baking soda, especially since we then used food colouring and vinegar to see what happened. Matthew came and helped her and Michael. She also enjoyed some matching games and planting seeds.


Matthew is working on time telling, addition and sequences in math. He worked hard this week reading to his siblings. He's very interested in using the computer (he has his own log-in which he finds VERY exciting, but is sad we won't give him the password). He's been writing messages on the computer and then gets me to correct them. PLEASE ignore the terrible grammar error on his Pentecost page. I decided it was not worth correcting but know it bothers me too. Also, he knows there's still many days before Pentecost. "I just want to get ready". He LOVED having a class with his teacher (5 other students). We were pleased to hear him talking in complete sentences and seeming fairly eager to share about what he was up to. His big writing project this week was a description about a person and he chose our friend Jane from the cottage. Since he's helping Elizabeth with the restaurant this weekend, he decided he needed to practice his cooking. He chose a recipe from his cookbook from Auntie Janice and followed it with surprisingly little assistance.


Elizabeth is still working on her lego movie script (adjusted expectation: 5 minutes of film instead of an hour), but her idea to make a restaurant became somewhat all consuming. She spent much of her quiet times this week planning Crazy Pickles' grand opening. She also spent quite a number of hours online with friends (they can now text and facetime without parental assistance), both just chatting, practicing karate and working on her "étude social". Her teacher has given them two projects to work on, plus is teaching them about fractions. Since she has been working on fractions at home since last summer she's feeling pretty comfortable about things. Since her teacher still doesn't believe in communicating with parents I have no idea whether she's on track or not. So I'm just giving her the time she says she wants and then filling the rest of the time with my own stuff.


We had to dig out the snowpants again. The kids were not too sure about this - they've apparently moved on from winter and were not too pleased to be denied bikes and scooters again. Luckily it melted fast! We had sleet and hail along with several flurries. Elizabeth proved she'd been listening to our lessons on weather when she said: "Hail?! Isn't that what comes with tornadoes sometimes?"

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