April 29, 2020
Social Distancing: Day 45

We had discovered online shopping prior to all this, but now that many stores are closed we've had a definite uptick in the number of packages and parcels coming to our door.


The kids managed to break another laundry basket in a tug of war game ("I didn't know Michael was so strong").  Both the box and the packaging for the replacements have provided many hours of entertainment here this past week.


Chore time this week featured window washing and cleaning the chandelier. Our house is definitely cleaner under lock down, despite certain children coming into the house IN THEIR SHOES to go to the bathroom! "How did you know?" "I followed the trail of dirt!" "Oh". Matthew and Elizabeth both decided they don't like having to tidy our main entrance in the back and have subsequently been caught NOT throwing all their shoes and coats willy-nilly everywhere. This might have something to do with a new rule that the messiest kid gets to tidy that area at chore time(!) The dining room floor post meal times is still disgustingly crunchy, but at least it gets swept up.


This afternoon we connected with Lauren and kids again to play Settlers. Matthew had originally been interested but ultimately the lure of the screen proved too strong. Michael and Amelia really are too little to play these. Elizabeth enjoyed learning the game. We nearly pulled out a win - sitting at 9 points for quite a few rounds but ultimately Daddy managed to eke out a dramatic come back.

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