May 3, 2020
Clemow Flix

I saw some twitter pictures of someone who did a movie theatre at home and mentioned it to Elizabeth. She was super keen to try her own version.


Now, one thing you should know is that Amelia and Matthew are not big into movies. They are clearly my children because they do not like suspense. Amelia finds almost everything terrifying (except the Lorax at dance camp which is the best movie ever apparently). She abandoned the secret life of pets midway. She’s never been in a real movie theatre as even theatres at museums were “too scary” and anytime we’ve tried she ends up making a scene.


Matthew HAS been to a real theatre to see the Incredibles. It was his treat. That was also the last time I’ve been to a real theatre. Elizabeth has been to a movie theatre for a birthday party or two. Probably a couple of years ago. Brendan can’t remember the last time he saw a movie in the theatre, but it might have been when Elizabeth was a baby. So we aren’t exactly movie theatre aficionados.


Elizabeth meticulously planned out our theatre experience. There was much agonizing over pricing and how much money to give every one. She made the supper food cheap and the higher sugar candy more expensive. I was in charge of snacks and making it dark. 

Daddy made trailers for some other movies. This completely confused the kids who thought the trailers WERE the movie. “What WAS that?” demanded Elizabeth. “An ad?” We had to pause to get more snacks after some kids ate ALL theirs during the trailers.

Brendan’s contemplating making one of those slideshows that feature trivia and other famous people for next time except the featured people will be members of our family. Gotta amuse ourselves somehow!


The kids opted to see Monsters Inc on the theory that Amelia and Matthew already know how it goes due to having a Monsters Inc book. They were very scared, but agreed it was worth watching in the end. Michael thought it was interesting. They all greatly enjoyed getting to eat food downstairs - something we very rarely allow. 


Elizabeth is already plotting what she’ll do differently next time.

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