May 9, 2020
Virtual Piano Recital

Amelia and Matthew had a virtual piano recital this morning. We got the time wrong somehow and arrived 5 minutes late. Good thing it was virtual is all I can say!


Matthew was uncharacteristically super nervous. He refused to practice first thing in the morning and sped up dramatically the more mistakes he made. Strangely that didn't help but he did manage to pull it together and finished the piece strong. He insisted that I video him playing it "properly" because the recital one had "too many mistakes" because "everyone was looking at me but I couldn't see them". He does seem to get much more nervous in front of a camera than a live audience. He then played a second piece called Dorian Rocker to post because although he only just got it this week it's actually his favourite piece now. He would have switched if he'd had the option but since he only decided that the day before the recital we figured that would be unwise.


Amelia didn't seem nervous at all. It wasn't her best rendition ever but she was very cute. Afterwards she said that what she likes about virtual recitals is not having to leave but just getting to wave and then you are home!


Brendan and I agreed that the best thing about virtual recitals is the mute button. Michael was in the mood to rocket launch himself off the couch during the recital and generally be somewhat disruptive, but for once it mostly didn't matter! It did mean I couldn't help Amelia but on the other hand she thinks that big kids don't get help from mom or dad at recitals so she didn't want help anyway. Also it was nice that my parents were able to attend for part of it!


Elizabeth said she liked that everyone had their own piano so there wasn't so much time in between pieces but not the occasional technical difficulty when the screen would stop displaying the person playing.


Elizabeth felt a little left out - not so left out that she wanted to actually play something live for anyone - but she did make me video her playing her most recent pieces. The one is still a work in progress that she just started playing hands together last week.

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