May 9, 2020

I mentioned yesterday that the kids are trying to learn how to start a fire using only wood, string and rock. The story of the blacksmiths in Japan that start their forges by banging iron inspired Matthew and Elizabeth to look around for their own forge, anvil and steel. They found a flat rock and tried banging on a paperclip. So we had some education about the difference between steel and galvanized steel (and what would happen if they succeeded in lighting the zinc coated paperclip). I reckoned that flattening a paperclip would probably not be dangerous, but we have so far ignored all pleas for some proper steel. They thought it was very interesting that the metal snapped once it got too thin.


There have been some more attempts at using a stick. Matthew claims it got "warmer", but Elizabeth didn't agree. It's unseasonably cold so we decided to allow them to build a fire indoors. It was very exciting to be able to roast our homemade marshmallows over a fire and all declared it a rousing success.


They are still planning to try and light the "campfire" outside though.

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