May 23, 2020
Virtual Bookclub: Artemis Fowl

Elizabeth's karate dojo did a zoom version of bookclub. She likes real bookclub better but this was apparently an acceptable substitute under the circumstances.


She says:

"The book this time round was Artemis Fowl which is a story about a 12 year old genius who catches a fairy because he wants gold. I still can't decide if he's a good guy or a bad guy. I liked him but when the book was talking from the fairies' point of view then I was on their side.


At book club Sensei Nick's bird would say chirp chirp chirp whenever he or Madison said anything. It was funny. He also has a snake and I do not wish to meet it.


I got to plant a cookie in my mouth because one of our tasks was to plant something like Holly had to plant an acorn to get her magic back. I got to have lemonade and oreos because at book club we always get to eat stuff but this time we couldn't.


I liked it. Erika and Daria were there too."

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