May 23, 2020

It was clear that the tulip festival would be a little different this year. All the festival activities were online. For a while, the NCC had put up signs forbidding photography in every tulip bed and there were discussions of digging up the tulips altogether. After a backlash cooler heads prevailed and it was decided people were allowed to photograph the tulips as long as they stayed 2m apart. 


The weather finally warmed up enough for the tulips to emerge and we decided that the best shot at getting to see them would be bright and early in the morning while most sane people are still in bed.  So right after breakfast we headed over and found that while a few other people had thought of the same idea it wasn't too busy.  Most people were even doing a relatively good job of being respectful of other people's space. 


There were still many many signs discouraging stopping, though the previous signs had been removed from the beds themselves. We had a nice stroll up and down the beds of tulips stopping only very briefly to photograph them and us.  Nonetheless by the time we were done traffic was clearly picking up and getting to the point of being a bit more crowded than we liked.  The tulips themselves were of course lovely as always and it was nice to get out of our space if only briefly.

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