June 5, 2020
Homeschool wk june 1-5

This week was a shortened week for us because Tuesday was our 19th wedding anniversary and Wednesday was Amelia's birthday.  So I guess you could say we slacked off a bit.


If this week had a theme other than PARTY TIME, it was probably science. There were many science experiments this week. Elizabeth has a big project on simple machines and different kinds of forces. Unfortunately, her teacher has stopped teaching anything (she didn't even show up for the small group) and the sheets provided were comically inadequate so we ended up finding our own material to supplement. She completed 8 out of the 13 projects. I guess she gets to do the remaining ones in the last two weeks. The physical demonstration of levers was entertaining to all, but the rest was a bit of a trial and she suggested that perhaps she could just skip science for the rest of the year. She spent much of the rest of her time this week working on grammar, reading and math sheets online, with a few random sheets on money and decimals. She enjoyed working on her English writing assignments much more - this week she finished an assignment on Victorian England, read about grammar and finished her cricket horror story that she's been working on since that time that I tricked her into eating bugs. This will need its own post... For supper this week Elizabeth made a roast chicken. She did not find this as easy as I expected, mostly because she didn't like touching or looking at the carcass. There was some elaborate and ongoing dress up play. I don't have a photo but Elizabeth was definitely involved.


Matthew's class is moving into a period of review, which he is relieved to hear means fewer writing assignments. He's fondly looking forward to "real" home school soon as apparently I don't assign as much homework. I believe he may have forgotten about summer journals though because there's about to be some daily writing in his future... His official math this week was mostly word problems. For instance, he needed to find items that were bigger than a potato, but also lighter. He enjoyed this assignment greatly. He also needed to figure out different ways to make the same amount of change.


Amelia had great fun doing science experiments to investigate the effect of having a black pot over an ice cube vs a white pot. She figured the black pot would melt less because black is "more shade". Matthew was inclined to feel superior as he already has done similar investigations in the past. We did a hydraulics experiment. Matthew was very jealous that he was not the kid wielding the drill. We attempted a rainbow sugar density experiment. The idea is that you put different amounts of sugar into the same volume of water in order to create different densities of sugar water. Then you colour each different kind and carefully pipette the layers one on top of each other. Matthew and Amelia were skeptical that it would work. It didn't, despite several attempts. Our attempt to blow up balloons using baking soda and vinegar wasn't very successful either, mostly because we don't have any narrow necked bottles right now and our balloons were tiny. It still did work. Kind of. Finally, Amelia's class is looking at nutrition and the kids were talking about the relative nutrition of the various cereals we were eating (this has been an area of interest for some time, partly because Amelia needs to watch her sugar/fibre intake so everyone is always checking to see if "their" cereal is "healthy"). Anyway, we noticed that the serving sizes for Honey Nut Cheerios was 3/4 cup vs 1 cup of regular Cheerios and one thing led to another. We measured out each kind of cereal to see what their serving size looked like. Raisin Bran was the most interesting as they assume a much higher number of raisins in their serving than is typical. Much discussion about whether one should eat cereal by volume or by weight was had. We didn't have time to measure out the same weights of cereal to compare them properly but some day that might happen...


Amelia received some new toys this week so there was a lot of assembly (mostly by Matthew) and then creative play.

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