May 31, 2020
Corona Cup

Another weekend, another virtual karate tournament.  This time Elizabeth moved up and finished 4th in kata.  Given the level of competition this marks a significant improvement and a very impressive finish.  She placed 7th again in weapons.  Matthew was tenth in kata but tried out the kicking and the TP challenge this time.  Elizabeth tried to up her TP game by tossing it over her head and kicking it on the other side, but it turned out the judges were looking for more and she was disappointed with her finish.  This time Erika came over to cheer the others on and to practice (at a distance) with Elizabeth before her turn.  There was also some brief oooing and ahhing as the crewed mission to the space station aboard the Dragon spaceship was launched.  Finally Elizabeth also participated in the pet trick challenge with Gabriel the turtle.  All in all a very exciting weekend.

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