June 3, 2020
Amelia is five

At five years old, Amelia is creative, strong-willed, gentle and dramatic.


She loves anything art related but isn't too fond of writing. She prefers to play indoors, mostly by herself. She likes character toys like playmobile, lego, shopkins and stuffies that she can use to tell stories. She also likes to play house and other imagination games with other people. They don't necessarily have to do anything but they need to be there and allow her to set the scene. "I'm the sister and YOU are the daddy." She doesn't have to be the boss though; she adores following along in plays invented by her siblings.


Amelia feels things very intensely and is apt to express her feelings loudly. When she feels wronged, she screams. We've been working on this because she definitely uses the drama queen act as a strategy to get the upper hand in an argument with siblings. There has been a slight improvement. "People not being nice to me" is her main complaint about life, but in the grand scheme of things the kids do get along pretty well. She's quick to forgive wrongs and pretty generous.


She's improved quite a lot in her struggles to be completely potty trained but still has the odd accident. This does still seem to be related to too much sugar.

She loves sugar, cheese and pasta - none of which are things she should have in quantities. Her favourite breakfast is Chex. She's probably the pickiest kid in the house at the moment, but she will eat most things. It's a struggle to get her to drink enough throughout the day - probably inherited from her mother who has the same problem.


Amelia likes to talk. She prefers to speak in English, but her oral French has improved dramatically this year. If she doesn't know the French word she seamlessly subs in the English one. This, coupled with a slight lisp, can make her difficult to understand especially if she's excited and/or you aren't fluently bilingual.


Amelia will happily chat away for a very long time over video with anyone who wants to listen. She also likes to read books. She's into Magic School Bus stories and fairy tales right now. At bedtime she frequently demands to be told a "Mary and David" story (aka a story from when Mommy was very little). She especially likes to add criteria. Popular examples include "when you were being naughty" or "that has a [insert farm animal] in it". If no such story exists then she's happy to invent one.

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