June 3, 2020
Fifth birthday party

Amelia had originally wanted to do a birthday party with her friends at Flying Squirrels but since that was clearly not happening we concentrated on making her birthday a special and fun day with her family.


Lorianne dropped by virtually for breakfast birthday candles over a "stack" of pancakes. The kids insisted on setting her a plate.


We (mostly) took the day off school, although the older two had tasks they had shirked the day before and Matthew had a scheduled phone call with his teacher. At school she would have had a pinata full of toys to share with her class, so I acquired a pinata from Bulk Barn. She's not supposed to have sugar anyway so we decided to keep it toys only but splurged a bit for more expensive toys. All four of the children got a squeezie stuffed animal, and the older three also received rainbow scratch art pads and a smaller squooshie thing that I was sure Michael would destroy in five minutes.


I invented a treasure hunt for the kids to follow to find the pinata, with some clues being pictures for our non-readers and some being easy to read for Matthew.


I was not ready for our family zoom call, but ready or not it was soon time to log on. Amelia had originally wanted honey sandwiches for lunch but opted for ham and cheese and cheesy bread once she saw the special bread I brought home. We figured that although we are always more than five people it would probably be acceptable to have one person to come for socially distant cake outside. Amelia was thrilled to have Grandma J come to her birthday party "for real life".


I was busy getting cake and rainbow jello ready, so Auntie Janice graciously took on the role of zoom host mid-call. To be fair, Michael was definitely the loudest and sadly he has no mute button. Amelia wanted a pony cake, and we own a pony cake pan so this was a fairly easy request to fulfill. She was very excited to open presents, shorts, a fibre optic light, some makeup, a squishy whale (plus promise of a pillow to sit up against in bed) and a giant play mobile set. Grandma also made her a new better fitting face mask which is just in time as she needs to wear it to go get her next set of immunizations.


Virtual guests included the Sunnyside and Teevens cousins and their parents, Auntie Janice, Mom and Dad, Auntie Mary, Auntie Muriel and Aunt Judy and second cousins from Wellesley.


After the party, Matthew and Amelia spent some time building their playmobile set. Then it was time for Amelia's birthday party with her friends from school. Three playmates all came and we sang happy birthday over the bit of cake cut off the pony. Then Amelia asked her friends to show her favourite stories and show her their rooms etc. I was surprised by how engaged she and her friends were - I'd expected she'd be done after 15-20 minutes but she chatted until the 40 minute time limit was up!


There was more playmobile playing after the call and then it was time to get in the car for her restaurant outing to Terrible Tomatoes.


Amelia said it was the best birthday ever.

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