June 14, 2020
Viral Vortex

Another weekend... another karate tournament. Three weekends in a row is a bit much but Elizabeth asked very nicely and they really wanted to do the "dad tricks" division.


There are apparently two more scheduled - but we've told the kids that we are definitely taking a break from the Sunday divisions for the next one.


I arranged for others to deal with Jr church this week, so I felt a little less pulled in all directions but I was sorry to miss our church's first choir singalong among other things.


Elizabeth tried a new kata this weekend and tied for 5th out 6th. She was unhappy about this but took some comfort in being ranked third by one judge and by how close the last four competitors were. For her weapons kata she took 4th place out of 5. She was again ranked third by one judge and the three places were again close. She was fairly nervous about the kata and we thought not quite her best effort but were impressed with her attitude afterwards. On the Sunday she decided to do the tricking thinking that while she can't do as many of the impressive flips as the others she does have a very impressive flexibility routine she can show off. We also noticed that the other competitors mostly did the same set of tricks over and over, and they all spent about half their time running back to their starting place (aka they aren't actually able to do their fancy flips in both directions). However, her 43 second routine suddenly became 20 seconds when she rushed through it and also left out vast swaths. She was very unhappy to come last and it shattered her confidence. She decided not to try any of the risky stuff she'd planned for the toilet paper kicking - and came last there, too. One of the other competitors did a super cool flip jump, which gave everyone some ideas on what to start practicing. Hugs from Erika and an impromptu toilet paper battle with Daddy helped get her back in the mood to do the kicking challenge. Erika pointed out that Erika had come last in kata the day before and Elizabeth had told her that this didn't matter. Pointing out her inconsistency helped her pull herself back together and a few hundred kicks later she actually came in 2nd.


Matthew insisted he wanted to do this tournament until about five minutes before when he suddenly wanted to do anything but stay near the camera. He was extremely reluctant to practice and did about as well as could be expected under the circumstances (lucky 7). He came 8th in the kicking, mostly because he was exhausted halfway through.


Erika pulled out a pretty great kata - she's improved so much in the last couple of months but her true moment of shining was definitely in the toilet paper challenge when she pulled off the kick over the head that Elizabeth had missed in the Corona cup. It was truly a thing of beauty and everyone was very excited when the judges agreed with us that it deserved the gold.


The most exciting part of the tournament was the "dad tricks". Brendan kicked toilet paper off his daughter in a progression of ever-increasing kicks. Erika kicked toilet paper off Uncle Chris and Brendan and Matthew played the egg game with toilet paper. We all came last but it was good fun and if you didn't watch it live the entire thing was quite amusing and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzYJNRA79FY.


We were very amused to discover that the outfit that's been doing the tournaments have a cumulative rankings page for the virtual season.

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