June 16, 2020
Rube Goldberg

Elizabeth's teacher gave them an assignment to imagine a Rube Goldberg machine a few weeks ago for science. Elizabeth completed it last week, but forgot to upload it to Google Classroom. This, coupled with no new assignment tasks for the last week of school presented an opportunity to take the assignment a bit further and actually try it out "for real life" as Amelia would say...


Although it took a good eight hours, I do feel this was time well spent as Elizabeth took more interest in the actual simple machine part when there was a practical application. She might even finally understand the difference between friction and traction (but if she mixes them up I get to yank on her arms and rub her feet. I might find this more fun than she does).


She wished she'd taken the time to write out a script and wanted us to help her set everything up again so she could do that part "better" but Brendan and I decided there was value in not giving into perfectionist tendencies. We did agree to chop one thing out of the video for her.


Anyway, it was very amusing and we all had great fun. Brendan is relieved that she managed to complete this without water damage to the floor or ceiling below! Matthew is already plotting his own version involving my mixer and various other power tools. I told him he can do this in grade 5...

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