July 3, 2020
Summer school wk june 29-jul 3

This week was the official start of our "summer homeschool" so we have a new schedule.


Some goals this summer include a focus on math for the three older kids. Amelia will start Math-U-See Alpha more formally. Matthew will try to finish up Beta and I hope to finally finish fractions with Elizabeth. We'll see. We have plans to do some graphing with Elizabeth as well. Matthew has been avoiding actually doing math problems in Prodigy so this week he got to do stuff with pencil and paper, to his chagrin. Elizabeth is going to do some kind of presentation every two weeks.


Speaking french was hit and miss this week. Amelia and Michael participated in three playgroups. Amelia was particularly chatty on Thursday where they were doing a scavenger hunt show and tell.


The three oldest kids are keeping a daily summer journal. Amelia writes one sentence and then dictates the rest of her entry. Matthew is writing five sentences this year and Elizabeth is writing one page to give her some practice with synthesizing as she shares my tendency to prattle.


We started the week off with a sleepover with Erika and Maria, who joined us for Monday's music and cooking classes.


We introduced them to our note practice and rhythm practice apps. Maria and the three younger kids watched some videos about different kinds of instruments and the orchestra while Elizabeth practiced her piano with Erika's moral support.


For cooking class we continued on the curriculum we're using (Kids Cook Real Food). The lesson was all about spices and herbs - we pulled out all the spices and got the kids to smell it and classify them as savory or sweet. Then Matthew and Amelia made biscuits while the older three girls did a bonus lesson on estimating quantities. How much is a tablespoon of sugar? A teaspoon of cinnamon? Then they all got to add savory spices to their biscuits. Some learned that liking the smell of cumin doesn't mean you like the taste. Others learned that when Mom said "less is more" it applied to paprika too...


Elizabeth was excited to do her magic class again. She's got a new trick using a glass and a paper that is particularly fun.


Elizabeth made hotdogs on the bbq for supper almost entirely without supervision!


Tuesday is adventure day. We went canoeing.


There was a fair amount of art this week. JJK was talking about colours so we pulled out the watercolours as instructed and they got to play around with contrasting colours and warm vs cold colours.


Elizabeth is working on an advertising project and this week she was in charge of collecting ads from various sources to analyze. When we first assigned the project she was not enthused but when she realized she could milk it to watch another episode of Inspector Gadget (Ridiculously full of ads) and to go for a solo bike ride with Erika she perked up considerably.


Friday was science day. There was weeding and talking about how plants grow. Then a very popular lesson with fire and food. I got the kids to guess which items would burn best (and worst). Elizabeth was under the impression that greasy items don't burn well so she was quite surprised by the chips. Then we did a lesson on how to safely put out grease fires using the flaming chips as an example of a very small controlled grease fire. The kids were quite impressed.


In the afternoon Matthew was invited to his friend Elsie's for a play date. We biked over. They played on her trampoline and in the sprinkler (at the same time) and ate popsicles and generally had a marvelous time. Bonus: they mostly spoke french! Elizabeth also had a playdate. She went biking with her friend Olivia and apparently learned to ride her bike with no hands (eep!).

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