June 30, 2020

I received a set of canoe wheels for my birthday last year and finally had an opportunity to try them out!


I dragged the canoe plus our house and Erika to Dow’s lake, where we rented two additional canoes. Michael and Amelia were in our canoe with me, while Daddy and Matthew went in one of the rented canoes and Elizabeth and Erika went in the other.


Unfortunately due to current and wind Brendan and I almost immediately regretted not renting one less canoe and piling three kids into the middle of ours. Amelia occasionally dipped a paddle into the lake but she was no match at all in weight for Michael and I so the front end of the boat was hardly in the water. I could not make headway in the wind unless I paddled backwards. I would have moved closer to the middle of the canoe but Michael fell asleep propped up by my legs pretty quickly. Needless to say this did not make paddling any easier.


Matthew and Daddy were paddling far ahead when Matthew noticed Grandma J biking around the lake with her friend. So the other two canoes stopped to have a little chat. Then they paddled back to tell me all about it! Matthew wanted to go paddle under the little wooden bridge so we paddled up almost to the locks and then back to the bridge. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to keep clear of the banks or other debris under the bridge so our boat didn't go under the bridge but everyone else did. Then we paddled back to return the rented canoes before the allotted time.


Also notable: Erika and Elizabeth took turns carrying Michael almost all the way there and back.

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