June 11, 2020
End of School

And just like that we are done school for the year. I'm looking forward to our summer home school as it suddenly seems much, much easier.


I'm particularly not going to miss Elizabeth stressing about deadlines.


We were sad that Matthew didn't get more in-person time with his awesome teacher Mme Marie-Claude. Fingers crossed our paths meet again for grade 1 with Amelia and/or Michael... LOL


In retrospect, Amelia really thrived at home. She enjoyed doing the various classes online a great deal and I was relieved that the teachers seemed to feel her french language skills hadn't suffered at all.


Instead of the traditional end of year field trips and parties, I got to go to the two schools to pick up bags full of belongings. The names were apparently removed from cubbies and lockers prior to the teachers getting time to pack them up on our behalf. Predictably, this meant that we did not receive back Elizabeth's shoes, even though they were well labelled and stored in a locked locker. They didn't return Matthew's meds or Elizabeth's recorders either. In asking around it seems like a significant percentage of her class didn't get shoes back and I didn't find anyone who got recorders back. Wilbrod had all the "lost and found" available to look at during pickup but apparently we have to wait until September for the shoes. This is seriously irritating as the shoes will definitely no longer fit then.


The whole returning of belongings was really poorly handled by the administration in our opinion. We have to wonder how rational it is to trust a school with the safety of our children during a pandemic if they aren't even able to return belongings that are stored in a secure location. I guess we'll wait and see what it's like in the fall.

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