May 9, 2010

Elizabeth's cousins have been in Japan for many weeks.  Our cousin calendar hangs in our kitchen, and Elizabeth pointed to Erika and Maria and Auntie Yukiko's picture several times a day while they were gone.  So she is very happy to have them back.


On Friday Erika came to visit before and after baby sensory.  We made cards for Mother's Day, went to the Agricultural museum and then to Grandma and Grandpa J's for supper. Erika tried to talk me into taking Elizabeth down the twisty slide but I chickened out.


At the museum we got to see five-day-old twin calves learning to drink from a bucket.  I was extremely shocked to (re)learn that calves drink milk, possibly due to that old silk, silk, silk joke but more probably because I find the whole milk production process is slightly disturbing while I'm lactating myself.  Actually, these particular calves weren't even drinking real milk - they get formula since people drink the real milk!

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