July 26, 2020
Mooney's Bay

We decided to bike out to Mooney's bay early Sunday morning. It was a bit of an adventure because Google Maps does not seem to know about bike paths and the Hog's Back bridge is under construction so it thought it was closed. I had previously promised Matthew we could see what was on the other side of the locks by the arboretum so we went the long way around Dow's lake and back across Hog's Back to find it. The way across Hog's Back is quite narrow and it's not really possible to stop to admire the falls right now but it was amusing.


I brought a picnic for lunch and took full advantage of the Chariot's cargo space. Actually I think I could have stuffed a couple of our lawn chairs in there but I didn't think of it. Next time!


We wore swimsuits to Mooney's bay on the hope that it wouldn't be too busy when we got there and although we ended up leaving half an hour later than expected and taking an hour to bike out the beach was relatively uncrowded (even the shady parts!).


We swam for a bit and played in the sand for a bit and then as it started to get more crowded we headed over to the Adventure Playground.


The kids enjoyed the playground in fits and starts because "some kids don't know about keeping 2m" and they had to keep leaving various structures when the other kids refused to back off. I eventually came over and ran interference, insisting certain kids stayed away from mine even if that meant waiting their turn. I found that with an adult firmly asking them to wait social distancing worked fine, but some parents seemed quite invested in ignoring this. I actually had one kid who was waiting patiently for ours to finish climbing over the structure and their parent LIFTED their kid right next to Elizabeth, who was then blocked from coming down. I told him to back off and he was all "my kid is only three and can't be expected to keep his distance". I was not amused, particularly since the kid in question had been perfectly happy to wait (also the playground was not crowded and there were many structures available that had no kids at all on them).


As the morning wore on it started to get busier (and hotter!) so we headed for home. Everyone was HOT, sweaty and tired by the time we finally made it home.

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