July 17, 2020
Circus camp

Pre-pandemic Elizabeth had been signed up for circus camp with her friend Samia.  For a long time it was all up in the air and no one knew what was going to happen or if it would simply be cancelled.  Finally the staff came up with a plan which seemed workable and safe enough from our perspective, in addition to meeting the various government requirements. The whole thing would be outdoors under an open tent. No shared equipment and limited numbers of kids so as to maintain distancing. There were two cohorts of only five kids (separated by whether they were doing post camp care or not). Elizabeth agreed it seemed reasonable and her parents decided to fork out the extra money to cover the increased cost. In the end she had a lot of fun. They did juggling, aerial work with silks, acrobatics, diablo, spinning plates and flower sticks.  Friend Olivia joined in at the last minute. At the end of the week the parents got to come and watch (all spread out around the park).

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