August 2, 2020
Jello bath and peaches

The kids wanted to spend the afternoon having "fancy baths" and I suddenly remembered that we still had half a package of this goo that turns water into jell-o. Elizabeth tried it out when she was about Amelia's age but was NOT a fan.


The way this H2Goo stuff works is that you add the gelling agent to turn the water into coloured jello, and then later you add dissolving agent and it turns back into water. Unfortunately, it had been stored so long that the dissolving agent package had disintegrated and they were both mixed together. So it didn't really get as jello-like as I remember from the first time. On the other hand, this might have been for the best. Michael was not particularly excited by the textured water but Amelia loved it and wanted to stay in the bath "forever".


Matthew flatly refused to get in the jello tub but both he and Elizabeth did try touching the water before deciding this was not their cup of tea. Instead they grabbed a bottle of bubble bath and Elizabeth had a long bath with Matthew being her "guard" and fetching her things.


After baths Chris came over to help Brendan with Elizabeth's bed project. Erika tagged along, so she got to learn how to can peaches with the rest of the kids. It goes much faster with so many helpers!

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