August 15, 2020

Matthew has been very interested in fishing since last year and was very very keen to try his hand at catching something to eat!


Neither Mom nor Dad are very keen on taking fish off the hook, which is sometimes necessary when kids are fishing. Luckily Jay loves to fish and Matthew got to go out fishing with him in his boat!


Matthew was very lucky to be given Jay's childhood fishing rod, which apparently has some luck because Matthew caught two fish! "Yabba dabba Doo!" as the boys said when they came back into the dock.


The first one got away but the second one did not. Matthew might have let it go but unfortunately it hooked itself in the gills and would not have survived. So we ate it. It was delicious.


Matthew didn't really like watching the fish get carved up. Actually for a couple of weeks afterwards he thought he might like to become a vegetarian (!) because he thought it was too sad to kill animals to eat. He's decided that he still likes fishing a lot but he prefers to let the fish go afterwards if possible.

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