August 22, 2020
Treasure hunt

We couldn't do a resort wide treasure hunt this year, but I was told in no uncertain terms that there were Expectations. Matthew suggested I could just give them candy but some of the other kids felt that the treasure hunt was part of the fun.


I didn't have the mental energy to do a proper hunt with clues so instead we did a series of activities like "How many cottages are named after trees?" and "How many hubcaps are there in the hubcap collection?"


I'm not quite sure how building a big sand castle morphed into building a sand castle on Daddy but it was amusing...


They got one word (out of order) for every clue they completed.


I had literally buried the treasure at the shoreline and when they had finished their clues they figured out the sentence: "Dig 2m off of Clover Dock" Sadly my burial job was inferior and it had been uncovered by errant waves during the hunt. Also the little kids didn't get to help find it. So I buried it again and they dug it up for photo purposes and it was all declared a great success.

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