August 23, 2020

After a last dip in the lake we were finally on our way. There was no chicken at the chicken church because of the coronavirus has presumably cancelled their annual dinner. The kids think it's very strange that the chicken church does not have their chicken displayed all year! We made chicken noises as per tradition anyway. We stopped at Golden Lake to dip our feet in the lake and brave the stinky port-a-potties. All of our kids now refer to hay bales as "baby marshmallows", because my husband always jokes about the white ones being marshmallow fields. This kind of backfired because Michael loves marshmallows and with all the marshmallow talk he thought he really ought to be allowed to eat some.


We didn't get home until past 7. When we arrived the kids immediately headed to their bedrooms where they discovered that Auntie Janice had made them a scavenger hunt to do "before dark". We did part of the hunt in the fading light before some children had complete hangry meltdowns. So we paused the hunt, fed the wild beasts and sent them to bed. In the morning we completed the scavenger hunt and were appropriately rewarded with much excitement.

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