August 20, 2020

The wildlife was pretty cooperative this year at the cottage. There were about two billion ducks, many, many geese and a whole assortment of smaller birds.  The loon was around although sadly Daddy didn't get any close up shots of it.  The number of ducks was truly astounding.  Daddy's theory was that with less traffic on the lake in the spring the survival rate was way higher this year.  Anyway whatever the reason they were very very plentiful.  A heron made an appearance as well but only from a distance.


The real stars were probably the hummingbirds this year.  There was a feeder set up at Jay and Jane's cottage which aside from a brief incident with raccoons provided a steady stream of hummingbirds to attempt to photograph.  Daddy spent many hours finger on the shutter button waiting for them to hold still for a fraction of a second while also not hiding behind the feeder.  In the end he got a few nice shots and we all learned many interesting things about hummingbirds.  They apparently flap their wings roughly 53 times per second as well as being able to move them in all kinds of different directions independently of each other.  Their tails can be used as an air brake and and their tongues can stick out the end of their beaks by at least a good centimeter.  Their feathers are also really interesting in that depending on the direction the light catches them they appear anywhere from dull grey to sparkling red or green.  Their wings are also so thin that you can see right through them.

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