September 24, 2020
Apple picking

We decided it would be prudent to go apple picking on a weekday this year. So we skipped part of the morning's school and headed off to Mountain Orchard at the beginning of our first asynchronous period.


Amelia did her rendezvous early so she didn't miss much.


Elizabeth and Matthew finished their asynchronous work in the car. We'd intended to be back before classes started at 1pm, but didn't quite manage so Elizabeth and Matthew logged in and started their classes in the car on the way home.


The orchard only runs wagon rides during the week, but we thought there were too many people waiting for a ride out when we arrived and when we left so we walked instead. Might have been able to have a ride if we'd timed our departure earlier but it was good exercise!


We picked Cortland apples - billed as a good, sweet eating apple that doesn't get brown when cut and excellent for baking. I don't think we've picked Cortland before but everyone had fun filling our bag to the brim. Michael and Amelia at first were rather inclined to yank the apples with such vim they flew onto the ground (thud!) then fired them into the bag (splat!). Poor, poor apples. After we were done, Brendan and I lugged our very heavy bag around the forest walk (the kids insisted).


We had thought about the playground and corn walk (no maze this year due to covid restrictions) but it was already noon so it was time to go home.


But not without some donuts and apple cider...

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