August 28, 2020
Summer school aug 24-28

Erika is staying with us this week while her family quarantines after their trip to Japan so that she can still go to karate.


We're winding down our summer school activities, realizing what isn't going to get done before school starts up again and trying to squeeze in the last bits of summer while we still can!


We did some cooking and some art class. Elizabeth wanted to learn to draw a horse so we tried a "how to draw a pony youtube video" which was pretty popular. We did some math. I'm pretty pleased with Elizabeth's progress this summer.


Matthew didn't get as far as I had hoped but is enjoying learning his multiplication tables especially now that I found a couple of new games to drill with. Math Ninja is especially popular though I'd like to see a mode where it doesn't give you the answer as a multiple choice.


A highlight this week was the Grandir Ensemble science experiment with oil, vinegar, coloured water and baking soda.

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