September 27, 2020
A fall day

Today featured a socially distanced leaf fight with neighbour Simon, climbing trees (the latest obsession) and a socially distanced bike ride with Erika down to the locks. On the way to the locks we stopped to do a buy nothing pickup of doll clothes for Amelia's teddy - to her great delight!


At the locks we stopped to look around and found a friend! Mister snake needed protecting from all the bikes trying to squash him as he glided across the path. We were interested to discover that snakes know how to swim, but he didn't seem to be having much success climbing back out on the other side. With the lock water level dropping rapidly and Erika not having much success with rescue attempts the kids were not too happy when I declared we better move on. (I was getting increasingly concerned about Michael or Matthew falling in!) Luckily for the snake, as I was buckling the littler kids into their chariot Erika finally managed a rescue and we were able to return triumphantly home.

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