October 10, 2020

Carleton's annual butterfly show went virtual this year.


Elizabeth was relieved to not be subject to BUGS everywhere and maybe even landing on her. The rest of us missed not being able to go into the greenhouse, but it was fun to follow them around with the volunteer's camera and to ask them questions. It reminded me of the first few times we went to visit butterflies and there were hardly any people back before this event got so popular.


We did the virtual tour and then the following day we participated in a hands on demonstration which turned out to be drawing a butterfly's life cycle and then watching some videos of caterpillars pupating. The virtual tour was more interesting than the life cycle but we still enjoyed both.


We actually learned a lot more about butterflies this year - it was surprisingly informative, though it was done by students who didn't always seem completely sure of their facts. The kids enjoyed it and said we should do more virtual museums and other demonstrations like this.

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