November 28, 2020
Birthday party

Matthew's forest friend invited him to his birthday party, which makes this the first post-pandemic birthday party attended in person by any of our kids.


They were given a map with actions to do at each station, such as "count the cars on the mural at location B". I was interested to find out that the concrete bunker we saw before in the forest was actually a vegetable cold room. I certainly wouldn't have guessed that!


Once each child got to the final part of the map, they had to find a party favour hidden somewhere in the woods. Matthew's was pretty tricky to spot, buried deep in a fallen log. Then all the partygoers walked over to the birthday boy's house for a hot drink and he opened his presents. Matthew was not super keen on taking off his mask to drink, so he only took a couple of sips of his hot chocolate. Matthew was quite happy to bring home some cake, which he shared with Elizabeth later.


Matthew enjoyed getting to hold the leash of his friend's puppy. Matthew said that she was very strong and it was a bit like snow skiing if he didn't run along with the dog.


The other kids were jealous so Elizabeth organized a stuffy birthday party for Amelia and her own pets. I asked Elizabeth if she could be creative and have fun without having any food as we're trying to keep Amelia's sugar consumption down. So they had pretend cake and apparently a lovely time.

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