December 4, 2020
Virtual School: Week 13

It's Advent, so we pulled out the felt decorate your own Christmas tree for kindergarten. My elves built a structure to display it but after Michael and Amelia decorated it a few times Amelia decided to build the structure taller (with the help of a chair) so that Michael couldn't "undecorate her Christmas" anymore. So that was the end of that station for the week. Luckily he didn't seem to mind.


In addition to the felt Christmas tree, stations this week included Duplo, books, sound instruments, the fisher price creche and Grandma's yoga ball. Amelia is completely obsessed with the yoga ball and spent most of the week rolling or bouncing on it.


They had a special visitor come and teach dance this week. Amelia "didn't like the music" but after a bit of coaxing she eventually started to participate and enjoy herself.


On Wednesday I brought a scoop of snow in and Michael and Amelia had a lovely time painting it with food colouring. I tossed in a bunch of ice cubes with the snow and we discovered that if you mix two colours of food colouring (say red and yellow) then when you paint on snow it is orange. But unexpectedly, if you paint on the ice cube the colours separated out! The patterns formed by the dye on the ice cube were very interesting as well.


Amelia's small group is working very hard on "learning to read", which I find both interesting and weird. They seem to be just diving in with phonics blending which is fine, but skipped the very earliest readers. Amelia is finding it challenging because she doesn't quite have all the sounds for each letter down yet. I definitely preferred the "animals of the forest" approach which is more typically used at this level.


Matthew has a new math teacher for the month of December. Matthew likes her better already because she is done teaching for the day by 2pm. She also doesn't seem do the cycle of "here's the work, do the work, let's correct the work" which drives him bananas. Unfortunately, she is also redoing a unit they've already done, complete with assigning the same worksheets. I told him to just resubmit the work instead of redoing it and we'll do our own thing for the moment. Otherwise we've been doing a lot of reading.


At forest school Matthew made a star out of sticks and wood glue. It was pouring rain so they started working on a little "teepee" as a shelter. He was unbelievably wet after three hours of being out in the rain but he said it was super fun. He also started making a bee house for the bees to come to the park because there are no bees and they would like some to pollinate the flowers. They collected and sawed big pieces of wood.


Elizabeth had write a composition for music class using Google's Song Maker. She had so much fun that she also made her own arrangement of a holiday themed classic... (Watch it using something that can display the video because it's hilarious).

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