December 6, 2020
St Nicholas

St Nicholas Day was HOTLY anticipated with some token pretense at concern about coronavirus from the donkey "since we all know that Mom and Dad do the shoes", said Matthew slyly.


I was pleased that this year's uncertain supply chain issues (especially with items from overseas) did not prevent me from obtaining many chocolate St Nicholas figures and other such essentials though the St Nicholases were somewhat late arriving. I was even happier to discover that this year they do not have a wheat warning!


Elizabeth received a new bo, Matthew received a lego car with a pull back motor, Amelia received unicorn playmobile, Michael received a paw patrol remote control car, Brendan received some mittens and I received liturgically appropriate linens* (yes, we do blue for advent, and yes I know that this is controversial). Anyway everyone was happy. Elizabeth was so excited about the bo that she accidentally sat on her St Nicholas but she decided she didn't mind. Michael attempted to systematically eat everything in his shoe before breakfast and didn't appreciate the restraints imposed upon him by experienced parents who have been down THAT road before.

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