January 10, 2021
Michael is 3

At 3 Michael is doing his best to be the busiest of all four children.  He is developing a very strong independent streak and is keen to do things by self with great vim and vigor.  Sadly he finds that occasionally he is not capable of the grand vision he has in his mind.  He certainly does not have Elizabeth's sense of caution but is not quite as incautious as Matthew was at a similar age.  In general though he is a very happy little boy.  He loves to eat snacks, play with forbidden toys, run around wildly with his siblings (especially Elizabeth) and watch videos.  He is definitely the child with the most French at this age out of the four of them.  He will spontaneously speak in French and understands just about anything spoken to him.  He loves to pretend to be various characters from the videos he watches (mainly Paw Patrol) and adores running around making various sound effects as he saves the day. He is starting to use the toilet a little bit but remains somewhat unsure about the whole business and teeters between wanting to be a big boy and wanting to be a baby.  He eats most things in tiny quantities and strangely does not particularly enjoy pasta.  He is however a big dessert fan.


He likes to wake up his siblings, especially Elizabeth. Actually if she's already up he usually insists that she climb back in so that he can wake her "properly". For a while he was skipping the morning nursing session, but he's been crawling into bed to demand "morsing please" lately.


At bedtime he must have his "loony" (stuffed loon from Jane from the cottage) and koala hot water bottle (from Grandma and Grandpa H). The hot water bottle does not need to be hot, just there. At bedtime he usually demands a Paw Patrol story, usually about Chase, although he's also quite fond of "Marcus" aka Marshall. If he is getting Elizabeth to read to him, he makes her read about spiders. She does not like spiders but adores him. Then he requires that she crawl in and cuddle. Elizabeth is definitely a doting big sister who rarely tells him no.


Matthew, Michael and Amelia sometimes play very nicely together and sometimes they bonk each other on the head instead.


He has a few things that he says that are hilarious. The other day Brendan told him to behave. "I AM have", he said. When discussing whether he was a big boy or a baby today. "I am a medium boy. I don't think I will sit on the toilet today."

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