December 31, 2020
12 Days of Christmas: New Year's Eve

Day 7 was the last day of the year, so we opened some accessories for our New Year's Eve celebration, like glow balloons and noisemakers. I almost immediately regretted the noisemakers, but not for the reason you might think (the kids pulled off the tassels and strewed them all over the house)


In the morning we went to Bruce Pit to go sledding and skating. Friends Dianne, Alison and Heidi and their kids happened to be there as well. We skated and sledded together but apart. There wasn't a lot of snow on the hill - in fact had I not been assured that it was sleddable I probably wouldn't have braved it. We likely wouldn't have ventured out at all had we not had a report of the number of people on the hill first as we were worried about crowding.


The lake was a bit rough skating in places but while Elizabeth and Matthew thought that "even the canal is better ice" I noticed they skated the loop quite a few times. I was expecting Michael to skate a few steps and then declare himself all done, so I was very surprised that he skated halfway around the loop circling the 400m long lake with help and even did some steps by himself. He is already able to get up and stand unassisted! I can't recall whether this was Michael's first time on skates but Brendan and I kind of think so. In which case he is a complete natural.


We had our traditional fondue WITH peas for dinner. Apparently the peas are the important part for Elizabeth, sitting in front of the fire with fondue is Matthew's main concern and having glow stuff is Amelia's.

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