January 29, 2021
Virtual School: Week 19

Amelia's class was quite disorganized this week because her EA suddenly disappeared leaving her class to be taught single-handedly by her teacher. In general Amelia seems to be fairly engaged at school but there has been a lot of complaining lately about "how long" classes are. She tends to stay on much longer than she is required to - she gets interested and stays with her teacher for several rendez-vous but then she doesn't have "enough time" to play the other things she wanted to do. One day they had to draw animals and then write what they drew. Amelia drew a "ZBB" aka "zèbre" or "zebra". She knows they normally have stripes but she wanted to draw one that was special.


Amelia wanted to play more lalilo (a french phonics and spelling game), which meant everyone did because apparently the kids are at least somewhat competitive. Amelia is in the blue world now which is apparently much more exciting.


This week Amelia and Matthew enjoyed doing the last part of the science unit we started in the summer on kinetic and potential energy. Her favourite part was probably shooting Mommy with elastics.


The younger three all went sledding with Grandma around the corner at the park. It's not really a sledding hill as the hill is so tiny but that also means that there usually aren't any other people there! Elizabeth was invited but didn't want to skip school.


I experimented with homeschooling Matthew this week and pulled him entirely out of virtual school. He continued to do forest school. This week they did a lot of skating and a bit of tobogganing and it's definitely a highlight of his routine. He participated in several free math workshops through the National museum of math in New York, which I think he found amusing. He also did a workshop through the Art Gallery of Ontario "Art et environnement" which was a discussion of "how artists have creatively interpreted Canada’s diverse regions, including flora and fauna in this exploration of urban and rural environments." He said it was "interesting". We increased the amount of reading and writing during our homeschool experiment and we continued doing MathUSee and Multimalin. He's working on his six times tables. For social studies he worked on a project about Australia that he needs to do for virtual school at some point. They are supposed to make a poster and do some research.


For Family Literacy day on January 27th there was a special presentation through the library - some kind of circus thing that Michael and Amelia found quite fascinating where the performers were pretending to be birds. I have no idea what the connection to literacy was but it was interesting. Michael also continues to attend Grandir Ensemble which he constantly demands to do but often doesn't actually want to sit all the way through. He has many favourite songs "Zoom Zoom", "Les petits lapins qui dorment", "1234567 Violette", "En bâteau" and "Un éléphant qui se balançait" - all of which involve jumping and vigorous movement. We've started kicking the kids outside right after Grandir Ensemble which helps get wiggles out before lunch and reduces the temptation for screen time.


The kids are playing a king and queen game at the moment and as part of that they made a "fort" in Amelia's bed which had two "king beds" and a "queen bed".


Elizabeth made a sundial out of paper and a straw for school. She was quite impressed to find that it actually works! Elizabeth has discovered Enid Blyton's Famous Five and has spent nearly every spare moment reading lately. I've even caught her reading under the covers... Needless to say she didn't get in trouble although I did remind her what time it was.


New this week: Elizabeth has started a 12 week homeschool art class. Every week has a different theme and she was very excited to use them especially when some of the new art supplies showed up. This week was acrylics. They learned some abstract techniques for painting and she enjoyed it so much that she made a second rainbow painting on her own.


Friday was a PD day so we took advantage to go cross country skiing as a family.

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