February 12, 2021
Virtual School: Week 21

Amelia's class still has no EA which means that they didn't get the schedule out until very late. They were talking about carnivale this week, which apparently meant that Amelia made herself a beard out of paper. Also a mask, but she was really taken by the beard part. I picked up a few new library books - you can't go in and browse and you can't request board books so it was a lucky dip. One book suggested building a fort out of chairs and a blanket, so Amelia and Michael have been making little forts and having their snack in the fort this week.


Amelia complained that going outside was too boring so I filled up a squirt bottle with water and food colouring and she was very happy to go around squirting things. After a while kids started coming in with blue eyebrows and dye on their coats so that was the end of that for a bit.


Matthew was very distracted by his upcoming birthday and hardly did any assignments this week. I've told him he needs to finish his list before we transition to homeschooling at the end of the month.


Michael insisted on taking a snow shovel for our morning walk and then they played "snowplow" almost all the way back home.


Elizabeth is literally climbing the walls - at least she's outside. Her art class this week was focused on "Grafitti writing".

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