February 26, 2021
Virtual School: Week 23

Our neighbour was throwing a frisbee with Rafale and accidentally hit our igloo in such a way that made it look like a monster. The kids thought this was hilarious and used some yellow ice blocks we'd frozen (hoping to make an ice castle) as eyes. We got a big dump of packing snow and used it to build a big entrance to see if we could improve how warm it was inside (marginally). Naturally we had to redo the face. They made some snowmen too.


Amelia's class investigated what materials protect against water the best. I'm not sure we or Amelia quite understood the purpose of the experiment but Amelia made an umbrella out of a paper plate to keep her object from getting wet. Michael wanted to play in the water too so he spent some time puddling in the tub. In math they are working on the concept of using drawings to represent word problems. Mme Martine tried hard to convey the concept that you do not need to draw an entire horse if you are counting horses. Instead, a dot will do. The kindergarten class was clearly having none of this.


The class is going to have a visit from an underwater diver to talk about his Nunavut photos, so they are continuing their unit on the arctic. Amelia worked on her narwhal project this week. She did a pile of research, created her slides and painted a picture of a narwhal based on instructions I gave her from a "how to paint a cute narwhal" tutorial online. I think it is pretty great for a five year old.


Matthew's class is learning about states of matter and family trees. They are (still) doing a time unit, to his great disgust. We're still waiting to hear on our request to switch to asynchronous without doing math.


Matthew and I saw a skunk in broad daylight waddling down the street when I dropped him off for forest school this week! I wanted him to go take a photo but he was too scared of getting sprayed. Probably not a bad thing.


Elizabeth made (and shared) some slime this week.


In art class Elizabeth did "graffiti writing". She is certainly enjoying herself. It's a good thing that she's highly motivated to log in independently because by the time I remembered to check whether she'd gotten into class it was nearly over. She also spent a lot of time drawing pokemon this week. Everyone got a chance to pick their favourite and she added it into the mix.

On March 23, 2021 at 11:02 pm
Johanne said:
Quel beau mois de février! Nous avons bien profité de la patinoire (sauf moi avec mon radius fracturé) et de cette belle neige. En passant par les montagnes Rocheuses jusqu’à des cités souterraines pour souris, le plaisir d’explorer l’imaginaire était bien au rendez-vous. Merci à dame Nature. Entre les garçons, il y a respect même si parfois l’un peut perdre patience. Ylan chante, joue de la guitare pendant que Matthew attache les billots à la sangle qui servait à escalader la glissade de glace. Le prochain projet est de bâtir un parc... à suivre. Bon week-end!

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