March 5, 2021
Virtual School: Week 24

Amelia finally got to meet Mario Cyr, the underwater diver. She did not want at all to interrupt her very important lego building and Tintin reading but once she saw his photos and videos she was very interested. Michael thinks it's unfair that Amelia's classes are longer than his and extra unfair that Amelia didn't let him watch the whole presentation.


They are talking about shapes in math this week. Amelia made 3D shapes out of playdough and had to build various things. There was playdough everywhere! The kinders have also been talking about the circus and magic tricks and all kinds of fun stuff.


Michael has been investigating his shadow. He likes to go into his room with the curtains closed and the lights off and make shapes on the wall with his flashlight. Then he pulls off all the covers from Amelia's bed and makes a big nest. She's not a big fan but it's awfully cute.


We hadn't gotten official permission but we more or less started doing asynchronous school this week with Matthew. He's still logging in when he feels like it but I started doing his new schedule. This week he had to make a mime for drama and he decided to do one about a dog. My goal is to read with him in English and French for about an hour total every day. He also has some math and writing goals each day in addition to whatever his teachers assign. For social studies he's finishing off his Australia project that has been sitting in his "to-do" queue since January. At forest school the outdoor rink has melted, so they played in the snow. Apparently Matthew has been sledding so often he is now bored of sledding. There's some talk of going to explore another forest somewhere. We will see.


There was a new spaceX launch. Nothing exploded but there was fire so everyone was happy.


Big excitement for Elizabeth too this week: she got to go back to karate for an in-person class! Sensei Cody is teaching her a new kata (it got interrupted by my lunchtime alarm, sigh). She's hoping to be able to use it in competition. We had a wild rush back from karate for art class where she learned about Vincent Van Gogh this week and got to do their own interpretation on "Starry Night".


Michael did some art of his own this week - some sanctioned, and some in permanent marker on the carpet. In eight years we never noticed that Elizabeth's time game included permanent markers.

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