March 12, 2021
Virtual School: Week 25

Amelia's class did some kind of special "atelier" where they divided into groups. Amelia picked the lego group and her brothers came and helped her. Apparently a dream house should have a hot chocolate dispenser, a kitchen, a place to sleep, a boat, a car, an airplane and lots of animals, including a stable for your horses. The decapitated legos are clothes.


Matthew finished his Australia project. Now he just needs to memorize his presentation. He's doing very well with his reading - we averaged over an hour per day in both English and French. We finished his Famous Five and now he's reading Fantastic Mr Fox. This week he also met with his teacher solo for the first time, something they will do every two weeks. They spent their time reading mostly. In cooking class he and Michael made pretzels for lent. He also made some granola bars using leftover chocolate shredded wheat. Matthew made a fishing rod at forest school and worked on his mouse hotel.


At school Elizabeth is working on grammar, division and electricity, judging from the random things she's been asking me. They are doing a dance unit. She discovered she hates flamenco music and quite regretted choosing this style to present. Luckily the next task (to choreograph your own dance) can use any style that you enjoyed from all the presentations. At first she was planning to do a "Just Dance" style but I talked her into doing ballet by promising to help her select music. At breakfast we recently covered Grieg and she remembered she'd liked some of the pieces we played so after only a few different tries we found something she decided was possible. We've moved to doing an hour long karate in-person per week instead of two separate sessions which gives them a bit more time to figure things out. In art class Elizabeth worked on acrylics and faces. I think drawing faces was their official task.


On our morning walks we are now often meeting up with our neighbour's dog Sam. The younger three are staunch members of the Sam fan club and always give her many pats. Michael often likes to hold my hand while he pats because Sam sometimes knocks him over while giving kisses. Despite this Michael still adores Sam although I think probably Amelia is fan #1.

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