March 19, 2021
Virtual School: Week 26

This week was originally intended to be March Break, so the school board decided it should be carnival week instead. Of COURSE they didn't all have the same spirit day. To add to the ease of keeping track the school also sent me the spirit week days for the kids who are attending in person and these were somewhat different as well! Luckily since Matthew is asynchronous it didn't matter WHAT days he did. He did crazy hair day and pj day on Monday, Backwards day on Tuesday, we skipped twin day on Wednesday (seriously what a stupid choice for asynchronous students!) and then he kind of lost interest for the rest of the week. He did go all out on backwards day, even wearing his snowpants backwards and tricking Ylan at forest school. At forest school they went to the cemetery to explore what's there. Apparently it's very interesting. I suggested they might try figuring out how old people were - Johanne reported they weren't too successful. Matthew said it was too hard. I think he probably needed to write it down. They did enjoy looking at all the different kinds of stones from people of many different backgrounds and interests. Matthew especially enjoyed climbing the tank, which I suspect they aren't strictly supposed to do but apparently was very interesting. At school we did a lot of reading and tried to do as little writing as possible. Matthew's teacher finally got him some harder GB+ books and he seems to be reading level 29 fairly fluently. They are easier to read than the alloprof books he's reading with me so we mostly did our reading offline or from the GB+ site this week. Amelia and Matthew made windmills out of lego for science this week.


Elizabeth had crazy hair day on Monday, Sports day on Tuesday, Red/Blue day on St Patrick's day, Chacrabalu day on Thursday (chapeau, cravate, bas et lunettes fou) and PJ day on Friday.


Amelia had pj day on Monday (but she also did crazy hair day...), Backwards day on Tuesday, crazy hat day on Wednesday, Summer day on Thursday and Red/Blue day on Friday. Amelia's class is doing some kind of circus theme right now. They are apparently supposed to be working on a show for their "cirque des solides" (except that Amelia keeps calling it cirque du soleil). I haven't really been doing kindergarten stations much recently because all they want to do is play with lego and read but I did stage the circus train at the beginning of the week and left Amelia a note to read. She then went around finding the hidden animals around the basement which I gather she enjoyed a great deal. She had to make one of those things where you add hairgel in a plastic bag and move food colouring around, and she also made one with flour and random objects that you find in the flour. I have been reading with Amelia every day and she's up to GB+ level 3 now.


Michael learned how to make paper airplanes at playgroup and they had fun throwing them at the same time. He did some stamping art with Amelia this week and he had a lot of fun squirting things outside with water. A squeeze bottle for play is definitely a huge hit at this age. Elizabeth had lots more time to play with him this week and he took full advantage, getting her to play "doggie" and "robot". Shifting temperatures has created lots of interesting ice formations and he tends to want to inspect every single one as well as climb every mountain during our morning walks.


Elizabeth was thrilled to discover that her asynchronous work this week was all fun - she had to do at least five activities. She ended up choosing to make ice cream, make a suncatcher out of ice, watch a video, make a baking soda volcano in the snow, build an ice castle and do a photo scavenger hunt. They also had a dance assignment due - she opted to choreograph an original ballet which she ended up enjoying greatly. The kids are playing some kind of game involving maps. They keep drawing treasure maps which they cut up into small pieces and hide, and then the others have to find the pieces and put it back together. In art class she was painting sunsets.


The temperature rose towards the end of the week which meant the kids were all climbing trees and playing in big puddles. We could use bigger rainboots... There was lots of ice in the morning, especially that kind that shatters when you jump or throw it. Matthew found some "antlers" and dressed up as a deer. Not to be outdone, Amelia found an icicle to be a unicorn.


This week we didn't have piano or acro so it felt like a bit of a break, especially with the nice weather.

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