March 28, 2021
Evelyn's 6th

We were invited to a masked, distanced, outdoor birthday party for Evelyn. We picked up cupcakes and jello, sang Happy Birthday, bopped a couple of balloons, chased around a skipping rope and then went home for the birthday zoom.


Elizabeth was still in the middle of her tournament so we ate lunch and zoomed in the car. Evelyn opened her presents and then we did a couple of kahoots. We didn't do so hot on the "how well do you know the birthday girl", though we managed to get her birthdate and favourite sibling right. Matthew was very excited that we won the general trivia edition, even if we didn't know that there are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt. We know now!


After the zoom we headed to Grandma J's to eat our jello and cupcakes (or in Michael's case to lick off the icing and smear it in his hair). Grandma and I had tea - I felt very loved. Then they watched figure skating and complained about all the commercials while inspecting all of Grandma's treasures.


It was very exciting to get to go to someone else's house for a while and Elizabeth was very appreciative of the peace and quiet while competing.

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