March 26, 2021
Virtual School: Week 27

Amelia's class is doing a circus theme still. They started the week with a supply teacher which seemed to throw off the plans because as far as I know they still haven't done the presentation they were planning. They did make shakers out of toilet paper rolls and birdseed. I'm a little unclear why it had to be birdseed, but I guess having sunflower seeds scattered all over the floor was easier to clean up than rice. Amelia helped make pizza "J'adore t'aider dans la cuisine!" and has faithfully been reading in GB+ every day. She's up to level 4.


Matthew had a couple of art projects assigned this week - a colour contrast art drawing and painting using tape. Michael thought that looked fun so he did it as well (and Matthew helped finish it off). His math teacher abruptly started assigning multiplication problems. Last week they were doing addition up to 200 and subtraction without regrouping. This week Matthew had a few problems like "if you have a certain number of eyes and ears, and one tail, who is standing on the bridge?" He really didn't want to draw dots and circles as expected. "It would be much easier to use multiplication" "Ok" I said. Thursday he received a multiple choice multiplication spiderman quiz, which I thought was a little odd because I assumed it was for the entire class and I think most of the kids would have struggled if they haven't already learned their times tables. On Friday the teacher assigned him a 48 page set of a dozen or so problems per page up to 12x to fill out. Matthew nearly cried as it was a very long assignment coming on top of the similar math we're doing as part of MathuSee. I did explain he didn't have to do it all so he did 10 pages and called it a day. I'm thinking now that there is no way this is what the supply has assigned to the entire grade 2 class but it's the enrichment I was asking for in October. Speaking of Math u See, I was kind of amused this week when he showed off his understanding of negative numbers (but not his ability to observe the requested math operation). For science this week Matthew really wanted to do an experiment suggested in class to make a boat that is propelled by pouring water into the top. He met with his teacher and did some reading. There was a unit test on his ability to read a genealogy tree. I dunno what's up with the weird emphasis on this skill to be honest - it seems rather inconsequential to me. We did a lot of reading this week as well. He did some research into pokemon, and worked on writing a story about a tree. He learned the letters n, m and z in cursive, and practiced his Australia presentation. He helped me in the kitchen. At forest school they are learning about knots and he found a drone that he's hoping to take apart and maybe repair.


Elizabeth had a busy week. She's doing a group project on electricity. She has violin and piano submissions due soon and a karate tournament this upcoming weekend. She made lasagna. She learned about networking with Daddy. In art class they learned about zentangles. She tried a new tie-dying technique.


Michael had a lot of fun playing outside this week in addition to his online french preschool playgroup. We ate lunch and supper outside several times during the week while it was nice, digging in the lawn, scootering and skateboarding, swinging on the swing and generally enjoying the good part of spring. Grandma took the younger three to the spider park where they apparently dug a massive hole down to the bottom of the sandbox and buried treasure. At the end of the week it poured rain and although it was exciting to use umbrellas again Michael was sad because it was cold and rainy and he doesn't have proper rainboots yet. He had a massive meltdown one recess and broke the possibly not meant to be replaced glass in our non-standard sized storm door while apparently trying to kick Amelia. In case it sounds like the kids always get along perfectly. Thundering Threes is a great descriptor for this kid.

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