March 5, 2021
Elizabeth is 12

12 was a somewhat unusual year but Elizabeth has handled it with grace and a positive attitude.  She is almost always cheerful and helpful other than the occasional eyeroll or comment on the behaviour of her siblings.  She helps out well around the house and has continued to make supper once a week.  She hasn't quite got the hang of reading ahead in the recipe and planning her approach but she enjoys cooking and has expanded her repertoire considerably.  She doesn't always enjoy being asked to watch her siblings but she actually quite enjoys playing with all of them, especially Michael whom she adores.


In a year when most people let things slide, especially physically, Elizabeth has progressed tremendously in her karate.  This is largely due to much one-on-one time with sensei Cody (frequently over zoom).  She is becoming quite fearsome with a Bo staff and her technique, speed and power have all improved noticeably in her forms.  She's now a full black belt and is making good progress on the requirements for her second degree.  Competing virtually against the most serious competitors in Canada and the world she continues to improve and hold her own.


She has continued to take acro and contortion classes and seems to enjoy them.  She also has made great progress with her violin and piano skills.  Violin has finally passed the point where it is a frustrating chore and she seems to enjoy the practice time much more now.


She enjoys visual arts in many forms and has been doing a lot of drawing and painting with impressive results.


She organizes herself fairly well.  She chats with Erika and various friends and sets up "play dates" over zoom all by herself.  She faces some challenges with managing her homework on occasion but generally keeps on top of things and remains a good student.  She has made strides in keeping her room organized and relatively clean and tidy.


She has grown like a weed and will quite likely pass Mommy in height before she's 13.  She is about 1.5 inches shy now.  Both Elizabeth and Mommy are somewhat distraught by this realization.


She is quite laid back about most things, as long as she knows the plan and isn't being rushed. Often she prefers others to make decisions on her behalf, but she does appreciate the increased level of input we are soliciting when making those decisions. For example, we had to select a new school for grade 7. I looked into quite a few different options and talked to her about a few. In the end she said "Mom, you choose". Or she'll be asked about a preference (eg Sensei Cody will ask her whether she's starting with weapons or forms) and she'll dither until someone else gets impatient and picks something for her. She's not a huge fan of family meetings but agreed they were a good idea and doesn't want to cancel them. 


She loves playing outside, noodling around in her room, watching Star Trek and reading. She's not fond of mushy fruit, carrots or mushrooms.


All in all she's a loyal friend, a doting sister and an all around terrific kid.

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