June 2, 2010
CHEO Anniversary

Nine years ago, I married my high school sweetheart.


Last year we celebrated our anniversary by taking Elizabeth to Home Depot.  This year we took her to CHEO for a routine follow-up appointment for her hemangiomas.  The appointment went well.  We've graduated from the dermatology department because they have now completely ruled out the need for medication.  Elizabeth was very happy because she was totally done with being cooped up in one room and waiting around to be seen by doctors.


While we were waiting we got to read the oddest collection of books.  One was about a snake and his brother who wouldn't share.  So the snake squeezed all his brother's toys and ate them!  In the end he squeezes his piggy bank and offers to buy new toys.  The other was about pigs.  "Pigs eat everything."  It said.  "We eat pigs."  It was rather strange.


Elizabeth didn't appreciate having her nose squeezed by the doctor for some reason. We're officially in the "end of the growth phase" now.  They are not concerned about and aren't planning to do anything about any of the hemangiomas except for the one on the nose, unless Elizabeth starts scratching at them or they begin to bleed a lot. Luckily Elizabeth ignores them, although other kids often try to pull them off her face!


Plastic surgeon Dr. Duncan believes that due to gravity and its size, even if the hemangioma regresses completely there will be extra skin that will need to be removed surgically.  Since surgery is necessary either way, and since Elizabeth will end up with some scar tissue on the nose regardless of her age at the time of surgery, she's going to recommend proceeding sooner rather than later.


The hemangioma on the nose has not yet started to collapse enough though, so it won't be before next year at the earliest, but by the time Elizabeth is five at the latest in order to reduce the number of comments she'll receive once she starts school. 


After the appointment, Brendan and I were planning to go out for dinner but he was not feeling well so we took a rain check and ordered in instead.  We had gluten free pizza and chocolate cheese cake.  It was kind of strange sitting around the dinner table with Elizabeth having our "romantic" supper together.  But on the other hand it was also really special.  We are so fortunate to have spent so much time together first as a couple and now as a family.  Don't get any ideas though Elizabeth.  Next year it's a sitter for you.

On June 4, 2010 at 11:02 pm
Mary said:
In case anyone is wondering, I accidentally deleted all of my cute Elizabeth-at-CHEO pictures. So you'll have to make do with old wedding photos...
On June 9, 2010 at 09:55 am
Mom said:
Wonderfully romantic!

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