April 1, 2021
April Fools Day

It's tradition to turn the milk and porridge green on April Fool's day. This year Matthew made me promise I would not turn them green.... so I turned them blue instead. And not very blue either. He was NOT terribly amused but I was. He really really hates coloured food for some reason.


Matthew put a fish in my pocket without me noticing. It was supposed to snow, so I told Brendan he needed to get up to snow-blow the driveway (we didn't get any snow).


Elizabeth got up at 5:40am (!) to make many, many fish and distribute them around the house. So. Many. Fish.


I was finding fish in my dishes and behind every curtain and door and even under the eggs in the fridge well into the evening.


Matthew gave his teacher and Ylan envelopes to open with fish inside.


I managed to tape fish to all of my kids' backs without them noticing and everyone had goldfish for snack. It was a fun day.

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