March 28, 2021
Luis Morales’ WKC virtual worlds qualifier 2

If you've never found a 12 year old girl to be downright terrifying you clearly haven't sat in corner of the same room as Elizabeth doing a Bo kata.  Elizabeth didn't pull off quite as spectacular a performance this month but she did manage to get 1st for the second tournament in a row in traditional weapons making her firmly the person to beat in that category.  She faltered a bit in her Jaws weapons routine and the judges had very mixed feelings about her forms.  One judge placed her second so clearly she's doing something right but the other two didn't agree.  She's still working on a new kata, so hopefully it will be ready for the next tournament in a month.  Also hopefully for that one she'll be able to do it outside as she's getting a bit big for the indoor space we have.  She's also outgrowing her white competition gi.

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