April 2, 2021
Good Friday

There was no family Good Friday service this year, so we decided to start ours early. We used the order of service sent by our church, but I substituted all the stations of the cross with a kids version that I picked up a few years ago and we selected our four favourite hymns. Aside from an ill-timed ad on youtube providing some levity in the middle of the service I thought it was a lovely service and the kids did pretty well.


After church we made resurrection rolls with the oven duly guarded by a few enthusiastic kids. Michael was quite perplexed "Where did my marshmallow go?!" Then we decorated our eggs. Michael and Amelia painted theirs with food colouring. Amelia did have a go at decorating with wax.


After egg decorating we went for a distanced walk with Michael's godparents Kate and Joel, along with not-so-baby Lucy. It was nice to catch up.

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