April 8, 2021
Ottawa Piano Festival

Elizabeth participated in the Ottawa Piano Festival this year. This was her first submission attempt, but we had to redo it because her entire body was supposed to be in the shot and she forgot to bow before and after her piece as per guidelines. The lighting and composition in the first video is much better; not sure about her performances (!) Our actual submission is here: https://youtu.be/0M2FQjHVsKA


Two out of three adjudicators commented on her good posture and character.


Some favourite comments: "Bach was delightful, especially listening to your articulations." "Take care of the melody [in After the Rain] as it is easy to mumble and overpower it with accompaniment." "What a beautiful dress and professional bows. I liked the announcing in french too!"


My mom sewed the dress for me when I was just a bit older than Elizabeth is now.

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